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this is a tv show actually.

the world needs & loves human connection.
and what better way to connect with others, than through our stories.
and what better place to find stories, than in the towns & communities that surround us.
this is it actually: everybody has a story has viewers sitting shotgun for a sweet little road trip to meet the incredible & diverse humans that make up the fabric of the town.
stories bring people together through shared experience, and this tv show is exactly that actually.


single mom stories.

I joined Kelly Travis on single mom stories, a podcast dedicated to sharing real life stories of that single mom life. Yep, the messy parts and the not-so-messy parts.

why am i.

I joined Greg Sowell and this is Why Am I, a podcast where he talks to interesting people and tries to trace a path to where they find themselves today.

muve forward.

I joined Michelle Wolfe on Muve Forward,  a podcast where others are leaning into their inner selves to live life to the fullest and make the intentional choice to move past trauma.  

the afterglow podcast

I joined Julie and Liz on the Afterglow Podcast, dedicated to giving women the permission and tools to live life according to their own rules.

boobs, bods & brains

I joined Laurel & Sam, on Boobs, Bods and Brains, a podcast where you learn/unlearn and love/relove your boobs, bods and brains (and all things in between)!

Travel and Write Today™

I joined the team at Travel and Write Today to talk podcast, my favorite musicians, and my favorite spots in Canada.

contributing writer

dad has always been my valentine

The Globe & Mail

My Dad was never one to shy away from opportunity, he tried it all.

fïnding Dimes

Find Your Pleasure

After my Mom died, a friend told me that I was going to start finding dimes. 

A Letter To My Younger Self

Find Your Pleasure

You’ve had such a nice childhood. 

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