everybody has a story… what’s yours?

Jeni B

in this workshop:

take the time for yourself to help discover who you are.

you are worth it.

“your story is what you have, what you will always have. 
it is something to own.” 

– michelle obama

this is what it is actually.

bam! 20 days.

who doesn’t have 20 days to give to something that will ultimately make you better at something and hey, maybe even possibly a bit of a better person? ‘cuz learning is growing & growing is bad-ass baby!

why you need this workshop:



boost your communication skills

learn something new

enhance your writing skills

this is a little more info.

i love crossing off a to-do list. i also love a schedule. and i definitely don’t love feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of something. (i know you feel me fellow anxiety-sufferers!)

so i’ve broken this course down into bite-size morsels, which are easily consumable from your favourite perch – ie. the park, the beach, your couch, your bed.

in other words, you get to dip your toe in the water while staying comfy (& hopefully having yummy snacks) along the way.

you will also be hearing from me daily – my voice directly in your ear. i’ve been around the writer’s block and i want you to know: you are not alone! i got you!

this is what we'll cover actually:




personal essay (memoir).








general creative writing.

this is what you need:

this is what it costs:

2 monthly

payments of
$ 127
  • • COURSE with instructions


in full
$ 222
  • • COURSE with instructions

mini courses:

blogging + social media

blogging and social media posting is a great place to start in writing, because it provides a wonderful outlet for beginning a regular writing habit. 

you don't have to be a social media maven to benefit from a little practice. 

this mini-course is all about freeform writing and the things that come into play in so many areas of your life – work letters, email, social media, blogs, regular ol’ snail mail communication, connecting with other humans.

if you use social media at all, this mini-course is for you. 



we’re all made up of stories, from the time we’re born until the very end. every moment, every small or big thing that happens to us – it’s all in there. 

storytelling is a great way to share on social media but it’s also a very useful skill for dinners out and at parties and it even helps in so many areas when it comes to our work.

making pitches, making connections, selling or buying something, team management, team building and leadership - it’s how we connect with one another and it’s kinda’ pretty cool actually.

everybody has a story.



*note: this mini-course is part of the 20 day online workshop*

you don't need to be writing a book to benefit from this mini-course! it's one of my favourites and it will give your brain a little boost of creativity!

a memoir is just a collection of stories and stories are found in collections of moments. we’re all made up of our moments. the things that happen to, for, and around us, is how our story is formed.

this mini-course is useful for telling your story, posts on social and heck, writing your novel if that's where you're at!


this is the time it takes:

i’ve designed this to be a 20-day course with 1 assignment per day. do it for 20 days in a row or take your time and spread that shit out! i’m not going anywhere.

now, this may be annoying to hear but – and here’s a first free lesson – sometimes the truth about writing is irritating. the length of time it will take each day to complete this course… *trumpet flourish*… depends on you.

sorry. that’s just facts.

Jeni B

i always laugh when someone says to me “just go write it”. ha! that is not how it works. but i can say this. i will give clear and specific instructions on what each daily assignment is and how to complete it. if i’m guessing – and clearly i am – it should take anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes per day.

think of it like a journal entry or a gratitude journal.

start your day with it! morning thoughts are usually pretty varied and creative – your mind is just waking up and ready to bust a move!

or end your day with it. you survived another one! you must have something to say about that.

or do it in the middle of the day when you need to focus on something other than pie charts and emails and fixing someone’s spleen.

this is what you get:

20 days of simple, fun, creative and thought-provoking assignments that will expand your mind and open your heart.

i am passionate about writing.

& i will give you the tools to feel the same!

you will leave with the ability to communicate a message and connect with the world, all through a story.

are you ready to tell the stories that are in your heart?

this is a writing workshop actually.